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Why make us part of your team?

It is no secret that there are thousands of Structural Engineers out there! If you don’t already know us, why would you choose us over another practice? After all, we’re all designing with the same materials, to the same codes of practice…

…so why choose BDI?

We truly believe in the service we provide and continuously strive to deliver quality. From instruction, each project is assigned a project engineer who is responsible for the delivery of the project and remains our client’s key contact. We take a pro-active and responsive approach to our work by providing regular updates on our progress and remain within easy contact on the phone or by email.

To ensure a high level of quality, we have rigorous in-house checking procedures that ensure each calculation, drawing and report is materially checked by a second engineer. The project then undergoes a high-level design review by a senior engineer prior to being issued.

Our commitment to quality and service was rewarded in 2014 when we were voted the ‘Best Structural Engineering Company in the North West’ by our clients.

How we work

We approach each and every project with passion and precision.

Our office is characterised by an open, informal atmosphere and we actively encourage open discussions of projects to resolve problems sharing past experience and knowledge.

We understand buildability and design feasible solutions, without compromise on concept.

We believe communication is key to excelling in design, and develop great relationships with Architects, Designers, Developers & Clients at all levels.

Quality Assurance

BDI Structural Solutions uses an extensive checking system; each project is checked at pre-agreed stages by two fully qualified Structural Engineers this provides the Lead Engineer on your project with two extra sets of eyes and opinions to add value to your project. This process ensures both accuracy and innovation.

Furthermore BDI believes in working closely with the building project team to fully understand the level of service and support you require from the outset so we can deliver a high quality structural engineering design and consultancy service at all times.

Why make us part of your team?